The Hodag

A struggling filmmaker, Oz reluctantly returns home to Wisconsin with his girlfriend Candice to shoot a documentary about the local urban legend, the "cryptid" creature that his father dreamt up long ago:
...the HODAG!

But then, when mangled bodies start piling up, the Hodag may be more than just an old campfire story! Throw in kooky locals, hillbilly meth-cookers, a lustful love-triangle...then get ready for some bloody fun!

Set in the picturesque northern Wisconsin town of Rhinelander, this action-adventure romp goes deep into not only the woods, but sheds light on relationships with family and with the past...who knows what will be discovered!

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(Completed Screenplay; actively seeking Producer and Funding)


Hodag the movie Mythical beast of the Rhinelander Northwoods cryptid monster bigfoot urban legend wisconsin




A recent widower, Daniel travels to Italy with his daughter to bury his wife, but discovers she lived a double-life. His desperate search for her lover becomes an Infernal nightmare, and when his daughter disappears, he must confront criminals, cultists, and his own lack of faith to save her life...and possibly her eternal soul.

This supernatural thriller is set in Torino, Italy, a city infamously recognized as one of the "Seven Earthly Doorways to Hell," and conversely, the resting place of the mystical Catholic relic, The Holy Shroud of Turin.

The city's true, tortorous history of good and evil, sacred and the occult, provides the setting for a thriller that delves deep into its shadows...a Dante-esque journey of a man in search of redemption.

(Completed Screenplay; projected budget is large-scale)






One Night
in 1934

Based on actual events that took place after Prohibition in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this real-life thriller tells an all-to-familiar story of an imigrant family, caught up in an unfair, opressive system. This true story serves as an unfortunate commentary on how almost 100 years later, similar injustices continue throughout these United States.

(Completed Screenplay; projected budget is medium-scale for a period drama)